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How might we increase engagement and empower users?


AnglicareWA is a leading West Australian not-for-profit organisation. They offer community services across a wide variety of categories and operate a number of op shops across the south west. I was contracted to Anglicare as part of their innovation and service design teams to explore the usability of their current external offering and help shape the build of a new website product. 


  • Uncover user blocks within current offerings

  • Inform design decisions for a full web redesign

  • Secure funding for long term refresh project


  • UX Research

  • 3 weeks

  • B2C

  • Team - Innovation Lead, Ux Researcher, Project lead

What's the problem?

The existing web offering was not being utilised by those seeking Anglicare's services. Research into site performance showed a lack of engagement from service users and was reflected in the growing number of calls to the triage teams for information and advice.

Who are we up against?

To get an overview of the market it was important that we understand how we compare to other businesses within the industry. 

We compared the current site to other service providers for potential opportunities we could incorporate into the future build.


I can't show the analysis due to the NDA but here is what a competitor analysis looks like in my head

Health Check

To guide our research efforts we needed to craft some initial assumptions

I reviewed the current website against usability standards and best practices in web design, highlighting aspects of the current offer that could be contributing to the sites underperformance. 

Contributing factors

Accessibility issues with colour contrast, causing illegible text

Navigating through the site is confusing and it takes too many clicks to reach an end goal

Too much text, most of it redundant information in hard to read language

Broken links and lack of feedback to the user

Where does the product fit in to the current flow?

We utilised recent service blueprints to review the user journey and discover what role the web product played in its delivery.


This highlighted some opportunities and key road blocks toward the users success.


Blurred for my safety :)

Let's talk to our users

In order to understand how the site was being utilised and fully grasp the pain points that where presenting road blocks we needed to get out into the thick of it and conduct user interviews

Our discussions with the service users uncovered some key insights to guide the redesign

The main goal of our users is to seek information on services

Users want to read information in plain language

80% of users use a mobile device to browse the site

60% of users prefer email as their preffered method of contact 

What else?

To further explore the users journey and confirm our initial assumptions we needed to test. 

We tested various user flows and conducted card + tree sorting exercises to dig deep into problems with architecture and site usage.


Internal Workshopping

Now that we had an understanding of how the site was being used by external users we discovered another key question.

How did the various cohorts within the company use the site?

To figure out the needs of the internal teams we hosted discovery workshops like they were going out of fashion.


Tackling the IA

Our discovery and interview sessions wielded a load of data and insights into ways we could improve the site. One common theme that came up repeatedly through all of our research efforts was the information architecture. 

Mapping out the current IA it was apparent that there were some redundancies in the structure with the ability to stream line it considerably. As a cherry on top of some successful research I remapped the IA showcasing some changes to site structure

anglicare IA before.PNG


anglicareIA after.PNG


Collating the data

With the deadline approaching and a bucket load of data now at my fingertips I had to make sense of it all and channel some inner crazy to connect the dots (cue conspiracy photo board with red string)


I had to sort through this in 2 days! 

Presenting the findings

Following the synthesis I crafted a report to present to the executive team that summarised the findings, insights and recommendations moving forward. 


Success! The research projects achieved the results we had anticipated and kicked some goals in shaping the future of AnglicareWA and their user faced offering.

Secured funding for long term refresh project

Crafted recommendations on redesign options

Shifted the focus of executive teams to a user centred design approach

Started discussions over improving the UX in delivery of services

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